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All Night Grad Parties

This website is dedicated to the hard working parents who put on the All Night Grad Parties and All Night After Prom Parties for our local DC metro area high school students.

All Night Grads and All Night After Proms were started in the DC area 20+ years ago to protect our children from the dangers of drinking and driving. It isn’t easy to keep our kids safe, but as parents, it is one of our greatest responsibilities. All Night Grad and Prom Parties are alcohol and drug-free events that are fun and memorable for our children, and they keep the kids inside and having fun during the most dangerous overnight hours after proms and high school graduations. They are also a touching way for our kids to connect with each other as they head off to college, military service, or jobs after finishing high school.

AllNightGradParties.com offers a large range of Art Entertainment Services for the kids. The 2 most popular are caricatures (the big head and little body drawings) and airbrush tattoos.

All of the kids want to have their caricatures drawn! They will often sit with a friend and have 2 drawn together, or they will get sketched in a graduation cap and gown, or at beach week. Band members are drawn with their musical instruments and athletes are drawn playing their favorite sport. Artists are sketched as painters and actors are on stage. Caricatures give the students a fun and memorable gift to take home as a remembrance of their high school years.

Airbrush tattoos are our non-permanent solution to our kids’ desire to look edgy and cool. These tats last up to 7 days, or if you have church or a formal event the next day, will wipe off with a few drops of rubbing alcohol. Our artists have a large selection of tattoos for both guys and girls.

Our other art services include silhouettes, balloon animals, face painting, and quick portrait sketches. Why not take a look at the website and see what your school might like for the kids?

Recent News & Upcoming Events:  
Capitol River Front   We will have either a face painter or a balloon artist out every Friday night for the concert series, and it is all
100% FREE. Capitol River Front

Fox 5 DC, WTTG   Caricature Artists Group was on Fox 5 TV, WTTG on May 5, 2015, Marie will be drawing caricatures of the anchors from 9 to 11 am. Click here to watch us.  

Kaboom.org   @fox5newsdc It was exciting to see Marie on air for National Cartoonist Day! She draws caricatures to honor our team! pic.twitter.com/cCNbdYrILM  

See How Marie Cheek Is Washington Dc's Most Sought After Artist.  


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